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Top Tier Care for Cows, Horses & Goats

At Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic, you’ll find top-tier care for all your pets, no matter how big or small they may be. We are known for our ability to care for your large animals: from cows to horses to goats, our Pittsburg veterinary team has the expertise to treat your biggest family members. It can be difficult to find a veterinarian who can care for these animals because not only do they require specialized care, but also specialized tools and equipment specifically designed for large animals.

Since the 1960's, Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic has been providing high quality, personalized care for the beloved pets of the Pittsburg community. We are proud to offer our clients and their pets access to cutting edge veterinary technology and techniques. Whether you are looking for primary or emergency care, our veterinary team is ready to help with the utmost compassion and respect.

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Specialized Care for Large Animals

It seems obvious to say, but your bovine or equine companions have different needs than your canine or feline pets. While most veterinarians can treat dogs and cats, not every vet is able to treat larger animals like cows, horses, and goats. At Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic, we offer services that are tailored to the needs of these larger animals, with specialized training and equipment that will ensure that your pets receive the best care available.

We can offer a variety of services for large animals, including:

Just like your smaller pets, your large animals require both basic preventative care as well as more specialized care tailored to their species. Our highly trained veterinary team can provide a broad range of care for your large animals. Whether you are looking for ongoing routine care or need emergency services, our Pittsburg veterinarians are here for you and your animals.

We understand that large animals have needs that are unique to their size and their breed. Not only does our veterinary team have the specialized training to serve these animals, but we also have the necessary equipment to treat your large animals. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest advancements in veterinary medicine, so you can be sure that your animals are receiving the top-of-the-line care when they need it most.

Quality Veterinary Care in Pittsburg

Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to the comprehensive care of your pets, both large and small. Our team of highly trained and certified veterinarians are focused on providing cutting edge care and enhancing the bond between you and your pet. Compassion is key to everything we do. Whether you’re coming to see us for a regular visit or for an emergency, we strive to provide the best care available, at affordable prices. We are dedicated to supporting the Pittsburg community through compassionate care and exceptional medicine. Consider us your one-stop veterinarian for all your animals’ needs!

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  • We are a Place for All Animals of All Sizes.
  • We Take Pride in Offering a Wide Range of Services that Include Dentistry, Breeding Services, Ultrasound & More.
  • We Have Been Providing Compassionate Care to Our Community for Over 40 Years
  • Our Veterinarians & Staff Are Dedicated to Ensuring Your Pets Live Long & Happy Lives by Providing the Highest Quality of Care
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  • “I love the way they take care of my baby. They treat her with compassion. Thank you Pittsburg Veteran ??”

    - Cheryl K.
  • “Very help and affordable! Super kind to the animals all the staff are super nice and very loving toward all animals 100% recommended!”

    - Paleo T.
  • “These people are great! They see all my dogs. They're reasonably priced. I got my cane Corso's ears cropped and they turned out GREAT!”

    - EA Wade.